I love the personal touch of a small gym. They know your name and what you need in the way of a workout. They are encouraging, but can also give you a kick in the butt if you need it!
- Linnet

Who we are

Renovo Fitness is a family and a community first, and a gym second. The three owners are a brother, best friend, and little sister come together to make fitness fun and accessible to the masses. In 2018 we took our humble warehouse personal training business into a beautiful new facility, in partnership with Landmark Lofts. Here, we are not only able to offer free 24/7 access to the residents, but also 24/7 memberships, classes and personal training to the Hilliard community as a whole. We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to help such a wide array of people find the fun in fitness!

My goal has always been to stay off of blood pressure and cholesterol medications and I have! ⠀
My goal now is to continue to age gracefully and to stay healthy and fit (and maybe a pull-up or two!)⠀
-Sylvia, client of 3 years (and counting!)